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Days and Time:
Meetings are held the second Monday of every month from 7 to 9 pm
Newcomers please arrive at 6:30 for a brief orientation and to fill out a short information sheet for contact purposes and to add you to our newsletter mailing list.

Sacred Heart Hospital
Reception Room, 2nd Floor Conference Area
421 Chew St. Allentown, PA 18102

For your convenience the hospital offers free use of its parking decks. Parking Decks are located on 5th Street and Chew Street. Please use the 5th Street Parking Deck (335 N. 5th St). Enter the 5th St deck park on the 2nd level. Enter through the 2nd floor parking deck door.  Once inside turn left and follow the hall through the breezeway into the conference center, make the first right after the breezeway and the first door on the right is our meeting room.  Click Here for Sacred Heart's Directions to the hospital.

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About Our Meetings:

Meetings are open to all bereaved parents, grandparents and adult siblings (those old enough to understand meeting discussions and not be upset by them). All participants, including facilitators, are bereaved parents, siblings or grandparents whose child has died from pre-birth through adulthood. Some who attend are young and some are old. Some are women and some are men.  Some come alone and others come as couples.

Most meetings are group sharing sessions. Occasionally we will have a guest speaker or presentation with time set aside for sharing afterward. Group sharing is confidential and participation is voluntary. Our hope is that being among other bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings you will feel free to talk, cry and share, but is okay to just come and listen.

Please plan to attend at least three meetings before deciding if the group is for you.

Meeting Format:

  • 7:00 pm Welcome greeting and introduction by the meeting facilitator.
  • Chapter and national announcements.
  • Lighting of the remembrance candles
  • Member Introductory "Go Around" (voluntary). Each member states their name, their child’s name followed by a brief statement of the circumstances of the child’s death.
  • Depending on the schedule we will either immediately begin our sharing session or begin with a guest speaker or special presentation and conduct a sharing session afterward.
  • Sharing sessions: Depending upon circumstances and the number of attendees, the group will break into two or more sharing groups of 10-12 members each.
  • Sharing sessions are where members may share their thoughts, feelings and memories of their children in a caring, safe environment. Separate sharing sessions are always offered as an option to our new members.
  • At about 8:30 we will conclude our formal meeting and form a circle joining hands for the reading of the TCF Credo
  • Everyone is then welcome to stay for one on one discussions and enjoy the refreshments.