Helpful Resources and Links

The Compassionate Friends National organization website contains many helpful resources in the form of articles, videos, on-line grief support and links. The following are some you may find useful:

To The Newly Bereaved

Principles of The Compassionate Friends

TCF Nationwide Chapter Locator

TCF Online Support Community

We Need Not Walk Alone - TCF National Magazine & Archive Page

TCF USA Spanish Language Site

Other Bereavement Websites:  - Alive Alone is a resource for parents who are now childless - Grief support articles  -  Sharing, Remembrance & Bereavment resources for Parents and Siblings -  Resources and Support Groups for Bereaved Parents & Siblings -  Grief support seminars -  Online support to the bereaved through articles,podcasts & videos 
March of Dimes  - Infant loss greif and bereavement support blogs and forums -  Parents of Murdered Children provides support for families of violence victims - Suicide awareness and grief support groups 
Share - Share Pregnacncy and Infant loss Support offers online support groups -  Grief support articles, discussion boards & memorial page -  Tradegy Assistance Program for Survivors provides multiple avenues of support for those grieving the loss of loved one during service to our country. - Bereavement support after Miscarriage; Stillbirth and Infant Death -  Grief support for parents, families & loved ones